The Laboratory of Biotechnology, Genetic Resources and Animal and Plant Breeding (BIORAVE) is part of the University of Abomey-Calavi in Benin. It was formerly known as LAAPT (Laboratory of Agricultural Biodiversity and Tropical Plant Breeding). Its global objective is to stimulate top five tips for complete application transaction. sustainable economic development to improve rural communities’ livelihood by promoting research and development activities that result in better use and conservation of plant and animal biodiversity.To achieve its global objective, BIORAVE has designed four programmes to foster economic development and biodiversity conservation:

Crop genetic resources programme

  • Develop biodiversity inventories and geographical databases on cultivated plants
  • Document the traditional ethno-botanical knowledge associated with the cultivated plants
  • Collect and characterise crop biodiversity for sustainable use and ex situ conservation
  • Promote conservation of agricultural biodiversity on farm
  • Promote decentralised essay editors participatory  breeding methodologies to develop crop varieties specifically adapted to local conditions
  • Support research, use, conservation and valorisation of Neglected and underutilized species
  • Promote the participatory in situ conservation of related wild species of cultivated plants
  • Support production, multiplication, distribution and exchange of seeds for sustainable agriculture
  • Assist national and international research institutions in transferring technology to farmers’ fields
  • Help farmers to diversify their production for sustainable agriculture and food security
Medicinal and Aromatic plants Programme
  • Develop biodiversity inventories and geographical databases and document the utilisation of species used in the treatment of human and animal diseases or in crop protection
  • Identify species requiring immediate and long-term conservation actions to protect them from over-exploitation
  • Develop cultivation methods for rare and endangered species
  • Promote home gardens for the cultivation of some species
  • Develop participatory in situ conservation programmes for the natural populations of medicinal and aromatic plant species
  • Evaluate the medicinal potential of plant strains and screen them for valuable natural compounds
  • Help   traditional healers to get organised
  • Assist individuals or local groups of traditional healers to develop and commercialise plant-based medicinal products locally and internationally
Animal Breeding Program
  • Collect, characterize and document the genetic resources of livestock in Benin
  • Use existing diversity to create new races adapted to local conditions
  • Introduce and evaluate the performance of improved races in Benin 
Capacity Development

BIORAVE offers training courses on conservation and use of plant and animal biodiversity to scientists, technicians, agricultural extensionists, farmers and local communities. It helps facilitate research proposed by students or scientists in the field of plant biodiversity.

BIORAVE collaborates with national research and development organisms (universities, faculties and laboratories, ministry of environment, ministry of agriculture), NGOs and international research Institutions interested in plant biodiversity business.